About IDEAS Project


The Federal Government of Nigeria through Federal Ministry of Education  has obtained a Credit to finance a new World Bank-supported project called: Innovation Development and Effectiveness in the Acquisition of Skills (IDEAS) Project aim at improving the country’s TVET System. The objective of IDEAS project is to improve skills acquisition in Nigeria using a comprehensive approach and addressing key aspects of the skills development delivery system.

It leverages industry involvement for better labour market fit and crowding in of private resources in the formal training system. Enhancing the quality of informal apprenticeship training represents a pro-poor approach aimed at breaking the vicious cycles of low productivity and low skills development in the informal sector. It unlocks essential drivers of quality and relevance including teaching resources and management capacities and scales up important recent policy and regulatory reforms of the Nigerian government, such as the NSQF and the establishment of Sector Skills Councils.

Project Components

The IDEAS project is structured into four interrelated components

Component 1

Incentivizing Partnerships with Industry for Enhanced Quality and Labor-Market Orientation of Public Technical Colleges:

This aims at providing grant funding for the rehabilitation and upgrading of selected Federal and State Technical College (TCs), in which industry partners assume a prominent role in institutional governance.

Component 2

Improving Skills Formation in the Informal Sector:

This component aims at delivering a comprehensive capacity development intervention package for the improvement and modernization of informal apprenticeships to selected informal sector clusters.

Component 3

Increasing the Availability of Competent and Motivated Technical Teachers and Instructors:

This component aims at improving the availability of appropriately skilled and competent Technical Teachers and Instructors (TTI) in the skills development space throughout the country, including teaching staff of private skills development institutions.

Component 4

Strengthening the Regulatory Environment and Public Management Capacities for Market-Oriented Skills Development:

This component will support further rolling-out of the Nigerian Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) reform, which involves the following below

Capacitating Sector Skills Council (SSCs)
Curriculum development and revision based on National Occupational Standard (NOS)
Training and certification of assessors and trainers
Facilitating of Innovation Grants
Carry out apprenticeship training for people with disabilities and special needs
Addressing gender inequality and violence in the Skills system as well as other cross-cutting issues.

Project Objectives

The objective of the IDEAS Project is to enhance the capacity of Nigerian skills development to produce relevant skills for the formal and informal sectors.